HEDIS & Star Improvement Programs for Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Are you a healthcare company seeking to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs?

Are you a healthcare company seeking to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs?

If your HEDIS and Star scores could use a boost, turn to CareLinx. Our nationwide network of over 300,000 tech-enabled non-medical caregivers, helps seniors live happier, healthier lives with fewer medical interventions by addressing seniors’ activities of daily living (ADL) and social determinants of health.

CareLinx Network: 300,000+ Caregivers

CareLinx: An Extension of Your Care Team. CareLinx caregivers work in member homes on the CareLinx mobile app to check in, fill out digital care plans, complete home-visit checklists, and upload/sync data to the CareLinx Population Dashboard. This real-time member-health data provides a reliable source of game-changing insights and intervention opportunities for you and your care teams. Our dashboard is flexible, HITRUST & SOC 2 certified and HIPAA compliant.
Readmission reduction
Senior patients released from hospitals in fragile health with no support systems at home are at risk for hospital readmissions. With CareLinx, patients can recover safely in the comfort of their homes with personal-care homemakers taking care of their everyday needs.
Medication compliance & adherence
Medication compliance and adherence are important in helping senior patients maintain good health and avoid hospitalizations. We help seniors in-person through the entire medication compliance continuum, from increasing access to medications (doctor appointments and pharmacy pick ups) to reminders to take them.
Chronic care management
Proper chronic care management support can lower total cost of care and improve the lives and health of chronically ill seniors. Our caregivers assist seniors and care management teams in meeting your health and wellness objectives.
Social isolation reduction & mental health improvement

As health declines, functioning becomes limited, and social networks deteriorate, older adults can face increased rates of social isolation and depression. If not properly diagnosed and treated, isolated and depressed seniors can end up in poor health, hospitals, and emergency departments. CareLinx can improve the lives of these seniors with in-home caregiver visits and solutions, and deliver savings to health plans.

CareLinx can help your Medicare Advantage health plan reduce medical interventions and improve HEDIS & Star scores, by reducing readmissions, improving medication adherence and compliance, better supporting chronic members, and reducing social isolation.

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